About the Jolly Journey...

In the beginning of this journey I remember asking myself, ‘Is it realistic to expect a melting pot of people with different types of relationships with money and different levels of belief in what role money plays in society to all define wealth the same way?’

I didn’t and still don’t think so. The idea of creating a pathway for individuals to define wealth their way became the key that unlocked a big part of what I call my Jolly-journey.

The past thirteen years has revealed so many jolly-good things that exist along the road to wealth.  The next step along this journey for me is to prove we can build wealth our way.   I am committed to collaborating with like minds and spirits journey further down the road to wealth as WE define it.  

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I am woman who has researched and worked with thousands of women, my journey has revealed a 5 roadblocks along the NarrowRoad to wealth for Women  I invite you to join me in resolving them. 

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I am a Daddy's Girl, when he died one of the last things he said is "The Legacy Must Continue".  Men, your relationship with money deserves a strategy to build wealth your way.  2018 I am testing something, Click Here to Join me


The Primary Purpose of Business is to build wealth.  Working with both entrepreneurs and intreprenures has led me to understand there are 2 roadblocks along the NarrowRoad™ to Wealth for Businesses.  Business Owners lets  journey to get beyond the work to the wealth.  Join me on the Journey


I love being a mentor AND a sponsor to the generation coming after me.  I take it very seriously, for me it is my personal way to Pass the Torch.  It takes three generations to build legacy wealth and only ONE to lose it, As the 4th generation your road is the what all that have come before you have been paving. Navigating beyond the pitfalls we have traveled is key.   Join me on the journey 


I absolutely loved Corporate America.  Now equipped with a "seasoned" Entrepreneurial perspective I can recognize why it is so important for those of you who remain in Corporate America to own your position.  This is a journey where diversity must be included on both sides of the table. Join me on the journey. 


Along my journey the patterns in our community led me to seminary to seek out greater understanding of faith AND finance.  Your role in our community is critical to unblinding our faith about the wealth that is promised.  Join me on the journey

Lets Connect the Dots together 

The Pursuit of Wealth in our community needs a collective strategy how about we create one together?

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Let's begin a dialog about wealth

That is culturally relevant, realistic, and based on opportunities that are within our midst. 


Let's Leave this World Better Than We Found It

Thirteen years is an extremely long time to focus on ONE thing; there is more further down the road to wealth. Let's go get it together.


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