Join me on a Journey this month to #GetClear

This 6th month of 2022 marks both a midway point for the year and an inflection point for ANYONE who celebrates Juneteenth. Join me  in June as we explore a dimension of this shared legacy.

#GetClear on what is most important for our road ahead.  

Reset Your Vision This Month

Lets explore ways to continue the lessons found in the legacy of Juneteenth together. 

Part One

What Time is
Your Reset?

Part Two

What PRESSURE are you feeling? 

Part Three

What UNION are you saving? 

Part Four

Your Juneteenth

Reset Juneteenth

In April of 1865 AFTER the Civil War was won, a group of people in Galveston, Texas were informed that all slaves are free.

157 years later let us focus on ways to pursue what we already know.

Freedom must be won in EACH generation. 

Are YOU ready to win? 

Join the Journey