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I am a Strategist committed to guiding men, women, business owners, pastors and young professionals along The NarrowRoad™ to legacy wealth... anyone & everyone.

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Let's narrow your focus on what matters - together. Take the Legacy Wealth Quiz to get started on your very own road to wealth.

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The Legacy Wealth Checklist is a way to gauge where in the financial wilderness are you and how far down the road you have still to go.  Its especially useful to see the full picture you are posing for.  Let's take a look at the legacy wealth creator in you.

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Legacy wealth is the convergence of one’s faith in his or her future and the ongoing financial stewardship of past and present resources. Legacy wealth is used to successfully navigate out of the financial wilderness and onto a path toward promise.

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I am a woman who has researched and worked with thousands of women. My journey has revealed a 5 roadblock along the NarrowRoad™ to wealth for Women. I invite you to join me in resolving them.


When my father died, one of the last things he said is "The Legacy Must Continue".  Men, your relationship with money deserves a strategy to build wealth your way. 


The Primary Purpose of Business is to build wealth. Working with both entrepreneurs and intreprenures has led me to understand there are 2 roadblocks along the NarrowRoad™ to Wealth for Businesses. Business Owners let's begin the journey to get beyond the work to the wealth.  

Young Professionals

It takes three generations to build legacy wealth and only ONE to lose it. As the 4th generation, your road is what all that have come before you have been paving. Navigating beyond the pitfalls we have traveled is key.


Along my journey the patterns in our community led me to seminary to seek out greater understanding of faith AND finance. Your role in our community is critical to unblinding our faith about the wealth that is promised.

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Building wealth can be intimidating but it need not be a road less traveled in our communities. After 14 years of journeying throughout the country in our communities I am convinced together we can make wealth a standard that passes on for generations. Click below to schedule a one-on-one consultation to determine what path along the NarrowRoad™ is right for you and your wealth opportunities.


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