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I am a Wealth Strategist committed to guiding men, women, business owners, faith leaders, and young professionals along The NarrowRoad™ to legacy wealth their way. Everyone (and I do mean everyone) has inherited legacy wealth AND the opportunity to build, grow, and expand upon it.

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Narrow is the road that leads to wealth, few find it, and even fewer take it. Until now. Increase your confidence to build wealth as a legacy today.

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The Legacy Wealth Checklist is a way to gauge where in the financial wilderness are you and how far down the road you have still to go.  Its especially useful to see the full picture you are posing for.  Let's take a look at the legacy wealth creator in you.

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This podcast is my way of raising awareness of the things about wealth we often don't notice.  I call these blindspots, everyone has them.  

New podcast recordings will resume in December (Tis the season to be jolly) along with other jolly-good announcements.  In the meantime take a listen to past episodes to consider ways to further pursue the journey to wealth your way.  


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Building wealth can be intimidating but it need not be a road less traveled in our communities. After 19 years of journeying throughout the country speaking, teaching, and researching about black wealth, I am convinced together we can make wealth a standard that passes on for generations. Click below to schedule a one-on-one consultation to determine what path along the NarrowRoad™ is right for you and your wealth opportunities.


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