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In "The Reset Series"

As she talks about how you can reset yourself for wealth 


Welcome to the Jolly Journey Podcast!

I am honored to invite you to the newest chapter of my journey. You might be surprised to hear that the Jolly Journey started when I was a young child. I had a dream that I would do something big and significant, and impact the world, and I held on to that dream tightly until I attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. 

In this episode, I explain the difference between a story and a narrative. Everyone has a story, a beginning, middle, and end. But, a narrative is different from a story because it did not begin with you and it will not end with you. If you choose to, your narrative can become an inherited one, so at the end of your life, you can pass the torch to the next generation. 

You must build wealth for yourself, and to do this, you must understand business. How do I define wealth? It is a journey of a series of financial decisions that build, grow, and expand overtime.  

It’s time to start moving mountains that have already been climbed, so we can face the ones further down the road ahead of us. This is the bigger picture. The bigger picture I want you to explore is the fullness of your life and the elements of your vision for your future.