Dr. Pamela Jolly has dedicated the past 15 years to helping connect the dots between the storied history of the U.S. and its race relations, and today’s wealth gap. In this interview recorded at Arlan’s home in Los Angeles, Dr. Jolly breaks down the importance of all Americans keeping our past in mind while aiming for wealth legacy.


In this conversation, we talked about her meaning of the term legacy wealth and why it is important to the black community. We discuss what needs to happen to shift us from looking at this gratification of the now to a perspective further down the road.  Lastly, she walks us through the steps involved to chart our path toward legacy wealth and ownership.

If Proverbs 13:22 resonates with you, you want to see this episode of the Million Dollar Trek - The Lunch Money Editions. We will be setting down with Pamela Jolly of Torch Enterprises, who is a strategic investment firm focused on sustaining and increasing wealth within the Minority Business community. To accomplish this, Torch Enterprises leverages the market presence and power of existing minority-owned firms.

-Camari Ellis, The Finance Rebel


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