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Hey there, 

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

“The best time to start investing was 20 years ago. The next best time is right now.” 

We have all heard that there are enormous wealth gaps across race, class, and generations. How does this impact your view of wealth your way? What have you decided to do about it? 

Maybe retirement has crept up on you, and you think the magic of compound interest doesn’t apply to you anymore. 

Perhaps, you think it’s too late for you to get started now.

Or maybe, you’re just getting started in your career and you can worry about that stuff later. 

Our educational system omits a few important things, especially around wealth. As a result, this is part of our business reality: data such as $1.5 trillion in student loan debt and $4 trillion in credit card debt. 

These gaps in our schooling have led to our miseducation around finance, business, and ultimately, wealth. This is the root cause for your wandering in the circular financial patterns of the financial wilderness.

How You Can Win In The World We Live In

This crisis is a reset moment for all of us.

We’ve been forced to slow down, rethink, and reshape our lives. 

COVID-19 has put inheritance in its proper perspective. For better or for worse, times like these call on us to get a healthier, more realistic perspective of wealth. Passing on doesn’t mean the end of your legacy - it can be the expansion of it.

Being prepared means knowing how to have the hard conversations. To be ready when the end comes - not just you, but your family. Making a plan now means less heartache and strife at an already hard time.

A crisis is an opportunity. This one can be your turning point to wealth. 

Our communities are in crisis and people desperately need a safe place to gain financial clarity. 

And that’s why I’m here.

My name is Dr. Pamela Jolly, and I’ve spent my life guiding people to take greater possession of the promise they’ve inherited to build wealth their way. To take control of their financial life.  

I’ve spent 20 years in financial services strategy and community economic development. I have multiple degrees in Finance, Business, Theology, and Education.

And now, I want to help you reset your relationship with money and wealth for this decade

There has always been financial poverty. This is nothing new. What I’m inviting you to pursue is the ability to see beyond the limits to your opportunity.

I’m inviting you to claim your inheritance. 

Join me to realize the fundamental truth - that becoming wealthy is part of our American DNA. Taking possession of this is your opportunity to build wealth your way.

My 20 years of experience are distilled into a simple 5-step process called the NarrowRoad™ 2.0. 

It’s designed to meet you at your current situation and guide you along a road of wealth  narrowed by your financial decisions.

The steps along the road are: 

▶ Vision: Seeing is believing 

▶ Thought: Belief drives action 

▶ Action: Doing makes your difference

▶ Speech: Life and Death is in Your Tongue

▶ Outcomes: Promises you believe in are worth waiting for

This process was created to overcome the roadblocks that many face along the road to wealth.


The NarrowRoad™ guides you to financial and business clarity by increasing your confidence to pursue wealth your way.


This Is Where You Take Your First Step

4 Journeys - 1 Vision For An Abundant Life


Many people limit their wealth vision to income and a nice lifestyle, but there’s more…

Being a wealth-builder requires you to cast a vision beyond what your eyes can see to define your dreams as pursuits of wealth your way.

In this book, I give you the support and actionable next steps to reach that outcome. 

Once you have a handle on the present, it’s only logical to look down the road to the future. 

The NarrowRoad™ 2.0 breaks this down into 4 journeys. 


These 4 journeys are frameworks that are tailored to your situation. They will help you demystify the hands-on process of wealth-building.  

These journeys are:

  1. Casting Vision -- The way forward to wealth is back through your legacy
  2. Defining Your Pursuit -- Wealth your way requires a dream worth pursuing
  3. The Business Of You -- Understanding the three statements your life makes
  4. The Business of Us -- Crossing the line to share-holder status

Each one of these is divided into three sections, giving you 12 milestones in total. 

These milestones will take you step-by-step through the 4 major financial situations; survival, class, independence, and influence.

If you’re still with me here, then something you’ve seen must have resonated.

There is an opportunity for you to change your financial future right now. 

Even in this current climate.

Because the present is always the best time to start. 

Some of the most successful companies today were founded during dire financial times.

If they could do it, so can you.


The NarrowRoad 2.0 doesn’t present empty promises of “financial freedom.” Instead, it equips you with the knowledge to command true financial confidence. 

A few of the topics it covers include:

  • Creating a vision and practical goals to obtain it
  • Overcoming your financial roadblocks
  • Building, growing, expanding the business of you
  • Developing multiple income streams
  • Estate and legacy planning
  • And so much more…

So, what are you waiting for? 

The purpose of business is to build wealth, and you are the wealth-builder you’ve been looking for.

You have the potential to take possession of the full business of you.

  • For you. 
  • For your family. 
  • And for your descendants and their descendants.

And it can all start right now.

Join me on the NarrowRoad™ by ordering your copy now.


If you spend a year with this book… that’s $0.55 a day.


 And building wealth your way goes beyond you - it’s also your framework for the next 2, 3, 4 generations.

▶ You will hand this down.

▶ You’re buying this for the next hundred years.

It takes 4 generations for the wealth wheel to turn - and all 4 generations must work together, understanding the past, present, and future. Wealth is a group process.

If you’re serious about kicking stress to the curb, creating a vision for the future that excites you, and learning the practical steps to overcome your wealth roadblocks, click the button below to get started today. 

See you along the NarrowRoad,

Dr. Pamela Jolly