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Dr. Pamela Jolly, Thought Leader, Author, Business Strategist

About the Journey

 The Jolly-Journey thus far has been a 12 year pursuit to better understand how wealth can be created in communities I care about. The revelations along the journey have led me to understand that wealth is cultural. It is a beautiful cross generational connection between legacy, faith, business and finance.   


About the Business

In 2004, I launched my business with a sincere desire to fill a void I observed in the American Business Landscape. I sought to develop pathways towards equity and inclusion for Women and African American Businesses.  Torch works with legacy minded business owners to build, grow, and expand.


About the Book

The NarrowRoad™ Book invites readers to learn and apply the findings and resulting frameworks developed after years of research and study in pursuit of my Doctorate Degree. The frameworks within this book are currently used to design wealth creation strategies for clients across the country. 


Get on the NarrowRoad™ To Legacy Wealth

Make 2017 the year you create a better relationship with your money so you can build legacy wealth your way.

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