Defining Legacy

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2022

Legacy is a narrative that did not start with you and will not end with you.  A narrative is a story with a direction beyond where others have been and beyond where you are. 

Legacies for me are torches. We can pick them up and carry forward, shining their light onto uncharted territories we desire to navigate. Torches carry the fire that can purify what is no longer needed for this leg of the journey. Torches grab attention and quicken the memory to flash back and apply remnants to the impending future.
Legacy builders find meaning in what they are thinking, doing, and sharing with others, and the response to their narrative is what carries the light forward.  So what is your legacy narrative going to speak this year? What are you picking up from the past and carrying into the future with the strength and confidence you possess in the present?
Make this year your year to define legacy.

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