Life Is What We Make Of It

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2022

Life and Legacy are connected

My grandfather would often say "In life there are many options but really only one choice". It sounded great, and he used it to teach me some amazing things about dating. But what is the choice?

Choice is defined as the act of selecting or making a decision with two or more possibilities.  For me, that means narrowing your focus on one thing and letting the choice of that one thing guide you into a series of opportunities. Making a choice is serious business at inflection points in our lives. It can be the difference between creating a lifestyle or leaving a lasting legacy.
The ability to choose is freedom that we have inherited from the extreme sacrifice of those that came before us. When I study history, I marvel that those with fewer options made choices that produced great outcomes that we still enjoy and benefit from today. People like a Harriet Tubman who made the choice of going back to bring her friends and family to freedom opened the door to partnerships with others who joined in the quest for freedom from slavery. It was not just those she helped to freedom, it was also the systems and networks of people, places, and things that enabled progress to begin. Her choice expanded the visions of people who were taught not to dream big and imagine life differently from the one they were currently living.  
Where are the Harriet's of our day? Have you been given the option to risk life as it currently exists to pursue a greater degree of freedom? What would it require of you?  I believe  my grandfather was trying to tell me that choice was a muscle, that if you did use it would atrophy and weaken and eventually fade away. That if I did not choose early in life what was important and work towards achieving those important things, the window of opportunity would close. Opportunities I believe exist beyond the sea of options that cloud your life. Lock it down, anchors yourself to a choice, and watch how one choice can lead you further down the road to the life you have been promised.  Spending as much time as I do with our elders, I see that we do have a window of time. Taking possession of your promise means making the choices necessary to move beyond the sea of options. In life there are many options, but for you baby girl there is only one choice.

What are you going to decide this year as a part of your legacy?

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